Product certification as a form of voluntary conformity assessment is carried out on a voluntary basis for compliance with any stated requirements. The conformity assessment body is involved in the voluntary conformity assessment on the conditions specified in the agreement between the applicant and such body (according to Article 24 of the Law of Ukraine «On technical regulations and conformity assessment».

We carry out product certification in the UkrTEST System, which is a part of the Certification System of SE «UKRMETRTESTSTANDART», and the UkrSEPRO Voluntary Certification System as a part of the Designated Conformity Assessment Body of SE «UKRMETRTESTSTANDART».

The certification system UkrTEST SE «UKRMETRTESTSTANDART» generally includes the following stages:

- submission of an application for certification;

- preparation for evaluation, including:

a) consideration of the application and analysis of the documentation submitted to it;

b) decision-making on the application indicating the scheme and procedures of certification, as well as contractors;

- conduct of the evaluation, including:

a) analysis of the state of production of certified products, its inspection, attestation or certification (assessment) of the quality management system;

b) selection, identification of product samples for testing;

c) testing of samples;

d) recognition of the results of certification work carried out outside Ukraine;

e) analysis of the obtained evaluation results and preparation of the report;

- certification decision-making, including:

a) registration of the certificate of conformity / type examination / conformity assessment;

b) issuance of a certificate of conformity / type examination / conformity assessment;

c) issuance of a certification agreement to the applicant, which contains a program of technical supervision of certified products;

- marking with the mark of conformity of SE «UKRMETRTESTSTANDART»;

- technical supervision of certified products.

Certification of products in the UkrSEPRO Voluntary Certification System is carried out in accordance with the «Procedure for the certification of products» from 01.01.2018.

The applicant may, at its discretion, choose the conformity assessment procedure for the requirements of the Technical Regulation or the certification scheme, which provide for the issuance of a certificate of conformity.

For detailed information about the procedure of conformity assessment (certification) of products, which covers the rules and procedures for granting and maintaining certification, extending or reducing the scope of certification, suspending, withdrawing or  refusing  certification you can refer to the Rules of Conformity assessment.