SE “UKRMETRTESTSTANDART” is the most powerful conformity assessment body in Ukraine that carries out activities in the field of conformity assessment (certification) and products testing, and facilitates the improvement of quality of domestic goods and their international expansion. SE “UKRMETRTESTSTANDART” is accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (NAAU) as a conformity assessment (certification) body in compliance with the international requirements under the ISO/IEC Standard 17065 and its testing service and laboratories are accredited on competence and independence in compliance with the DSTU ISO IEC 17025 requirements. 

Fitted out with up-to-date modern equipment, test centres and laboratories of the SE “UKRMETRTESTSTANDART” carry out tests of equipment including measuring devices, light and food industry products, toys, cars, building materials, etc, the results of which are accepted internationally. Highly skilled university degree professionals including those who have post graduate degrees in technical, chemical, biological and veterinary sciences work in the conformity assessment body and test centres and laboratories of the SE “UKRMETRTESTSTANDART”. Leading specialists are well experienced in product testing, have undertaken internships in research institutions and laboratories in France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Slovenia, Poland, Turkey, USA.