1902: A legal metrology office was established in the city of Kyiv, which developed into the state enterprise UkrCSM.

1993: Established and accredited testing laboratories and certification bodies in the state certification system UKRSEPRO.

2001: Merger of three state testing laboratories and certification bodies in SE "UkrTEST" - Ukrainian Center for Testing and Certification of Electrical Equipment.

2003: Association of UkrTEST and UkrCSM in SE “UKRMETRTESTSTANDARD”. UkrTEST is a separate subdivision.

2010: All laboratories and certification departments of UkrTEST are united in one new building at the address: 03143Kyiv, 4Metrological, st.

2016: Testing Service UkrTEST was established by merging UkrTEST with other testing laboratories of SE "UKRMETRTESTSTANDART".